Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Elton John, pigtails, Adidas tracksuits, little old ladies with scarves on their heads, mullets on middle aged women with prams and babies and unpronounceable bright red sunglasses on little pink girls who wear yellow pants and have no idea where they are in relation to outside the town.
Sialia - pronounced Shaluei. And more men in all white have passed me that is normal or allowed. It's a sunny afternoon in Siaulia
and all my things are down the rd in the nice-enough hostel.
Anthony Goldstein lookalikes have passed me twice
and a man wearing ray bans - not out of any wish to look cool - but he does, without even realizing it.
Luminous bright pink tight tops with luminous red hair and high heels pass me. people watching in Sialia. No internet and no information. Only a promise of a bus to Linkuva.

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